Image Credit: Luis Vazquez/©Gulf News

London: Britain has turned into a country of snackers as three-quarters admit eating more than three meals a day.

Half the Britons admitted grazing on food, thanks to boredom, and almost a quarter (23 per cent) turned to food in times of crisis.

The One Poll, that surveyed 3,000 people, found twice as many women snacked due to stress compared to men and only one in 10 reached for nibbles because they were actually hungry.

Boredom played a key role for women and men, with 57 per cent of females and 40 per cent of males opting for a meal when the day was dragging, reports the Daily Mail.

Nicola O'Dwyer of the food company Feasters that commissioned the poll said: "Our survey has given us an extensive insight into the UK's snacking habits and, after looking at the results, it seems the days of having three square meals a day has long gone.

"Today's generation appear to prefer quick, convenient snacks over preparing a meal. This is far from surprising when you consider hectic work schedules, social lives and other activities which fill up the day."

"However, the reasons behind the UK's snacking habits, including sadness, stress and boredom, are more shocking."