London: An Asian man whose marriage breakdown allegedly led to the murders of his parents and sister may have split up with his wife because he had a love-child with a secret girlfriend.

Kamar Mahmoud separated from his wife Nabeela after being married for nine years. It is understood that the shame of the couple's split — and the news that Mahmoud had allegedly cheated on his wife with a white, blonde girl — outraged Nabeela's family so much that they decided to take revenge.

Nabeela's three brothers and two other men are accused of shooting dead Mahmoud's father Mohammad Yousuf, 51, his mother Pervaze, 49, and sister Tania, 22, who were in Pakistan for the marriage of their youngest son, Assad, 24. The victims were sprayed with bullets as they prayed at a relative's graveside in a village in Gujarat province.

Mahmoud, of Nelson, Lancashire, who is unemployed, separated from his wife last year. The couple have two daughters, aged three and five, who are living with their grandmother. Nabeela is understood to be staying in a women's refuge.

Relatives of Mahmoud in Lancashire and Pakistan said they separated because they "just grew apart over the years". But according to Pakistan police, one of the reasons behind the split was Mahmoud's alleged relationship with a white woman.

A birth certificate obtained from Lancashire County Council offices in Preston shows that he had a baby boy in October 2005 with Natalie Snowden, who is now 21.