Singapore: Here's some advice for all those stressed-out, overwhelmed parents trying to raise their children according to the experts, from an expert: you're going to mess up, so get over it, relax and enjoy the process.

Clinical psychologist Nigel Latta's words of wisdom are the basis of a new book, Politically Incorrect Parenting, which starts out saying there are way too many parenting books, and even more advice out there, most of which parents should ignore.

Latta, a bestselling author in his native Australia and TV show host who specialises in working with children with behavioural problems, is a father of two boys aged 10 and seven.

He said that most parents were overly, and unnecessarily, worried about damaging their children, and yet the first step to becoming a better parent was to let go of that fear.

"We need far less advice. We have too much advice. So what do I do? I write an advice book so that people listen," he said in an interview.

"Modern parents just want to do the best, but we Google stuff and end up with 26 million things that say if you don't raise your kids this way, they'll end up ugly, stupid... If only people would calm down!"