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The UAE and Sri Lanka have always shared a close relationship, marked by decades of cultural exchange, investments, and bilateral trade. They have fostered mutually beneficial collaboration across various sectors.

Both countries have historically been trading partners, with the UAE emerging as the largest investor in Sri Lanka and the second-largest trading partner of Sri Lanka in the Middle East. The UAE has major investments in Sri Lanka’s construction and hospitality sectors, manufacturing, logistics, communications, and information technology sectors. Thousands of UAE residents are also visiting the ‘Pearl of the Sea’, Sri Lanka, for travel and tourism.

Both countries are deeply committed to each other’s stability and progress. Relevant agreements and memorandum of understanding between the UAE and Sri Lanka have cemented the privileged status for each other. Their mutual trust has proven itself time and again when geopolitical storms have gathered, or natural calamities have struck.

Sri Lanka supplies organic food to the UAE, which contributes to its commitment to promoting agricultural sustainability and fostering international trade relationships. Both countries have partnered to promote Sri Lanka as an ideal destination for travellers. The UAE has played a major role in the revival of its tourism sector.

Today, around 150,000 Sri Lankan workers form a living bridge between the two nations. They contribute to the UAE’s banking and finance, information technology, engineering, paramedics, hospitality and construction, amongst other sectors.

Siraj Finance contributes to the cause

Siraj Finance is a licensed Islamic financial institution in the UAE, which provides a diverse set of financial products and services across corporate, SMEs and the consumer segments. By fostering a diverse work force within the company and promoting investments in the emerging sectors, Siraj Finance always endeavours to support the UAE’s relationships with other nations, especially with a significant partner like Sri Lanka. As a leading Islamic financial institution, Siraj Finance contributes to strengthening the ties between the UAE and Sri Lanka by facilitating trade finance, investment opportunities, and financial services tailored to the needs of businesses operating in both markets.