Neomi and Themothy Jesudasan, Owners of Thambapanni restaurant, with their team Image Credit: Supplied

The name Thambapanni evokes a rich history, rooted deeply in the annals of Sri Lanka’s past. A kingdom that existed between 543BC – 437BC, its name still resonates with royalty, prestige, and pride. In the city of gold, where everything sparkles, the Thambapanni brand has firmly etched its name on the culinary canvas of Dubai. Recognised as the food hub of the world, Dubai has presented its culinary offerings on a global platter, with Thambapanni leading the charge, proudly showcasing the hidden magic of Sri Lanka’s culinary marvels.

The brand’s foray into the food and beverage industry is relatively new, yet its achievements within this short period are astounding. Neomi and Themothy Jesudasan, a powerful and well-respected couple in the UAE, armed with passion, desire, and extensive knowledge of the restaurant business, assumed leadership with a clear vision. Their goal is to create a unique flavour profile that sets them apart from other market players. Today, the brand dominates the presence at almost all events in and around Dubai, managing musical shows, sporting events, community gatherings, and school events with ease.

Neomi and Themothy Jesudasan with their children Image Credit: Supplied

The owners, modern-day visionaries, ventured beyond their comfort zone at a time when many businesses preferred stability. Neomi and Themothy strategically moved their chess pieces for a greater win, taking calculated risks to elevate the Thambapanni brand. They sponsored sporting events and teams, increasing brand awareness and value. Riding on the success of these endeavours, Thambapanni created its own successful sporting teams in cricket for various formats and netball, providing an excellent platform for talented Sri Lankans to shine in the sporting arena.

What began as a restaurant in the UAE has evolved into a brand with a global vision. Thambapanni Racing is the newest jewel in their crown with significant investments, and is building a winning team comprising top-class racers, drivers, and a proficient support crew. Team Thambapanni has achieved podium finishes in motor sports in Sri Lanka, the UAE, and several other countries. A brand known for its rich flavours and heartwarming service with a smile is blazing a trail to new frontiers.