Manila: Filipino boxing champion and Congressman Emmanuel ‘Manny' Pacquiao said he is willing to endorse Philippine tourism after President Benigno Aquino criticised the tourism department's promotional campaign.

"I am willing to talk with the department of tourism and ask how I can be of help to them," Pacquiao said at a press conference after the House of Representatives gave him a recognition for his latest victory in the boxing world.

He also said that the tourism department's promotional campaign copy in Filipino might be lost in translation when presented to foreigners — the target of the campaign. Some say the proposed website name might be misconstrued as a porn site.

"As long as it is for the good of the country and of Filipinos like me, I will do whatever it takes [to help Philippine tourism]," Pacquiao said earlier when he arrived from the US.

‘A mistake'

Meanwhile, in a statement, the department of tourism said: "[The] majority of the stakeholders and general public do not support this concept. The message has been received."

"We were impatient and wanted to jumpstart our programme. That was a mistake," the statement explained, adding that the department will launch a search for better campaign materials and the public will be part of it.

"Suggestions would be short-listed for market testing and focus-group discussions to select the final brand," the statement said.

Other critics said the campaign logo looked like Poland's tourism logo.