Screengrab of the viral video of a man in Bolton market, Karachi, Pakistan Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: A lookalike of the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was spotted in the port city of Karachi, Pakistan, and the uncanny resemblance quickly made the video go viral.

The short TikTok video shows a man at a busy market adjusting parked bikes, casually looking like a spitting image of the Indian actor.

The video was shared on social media with people wondering if Salman Khan had decided to pay the neighbouring country a visit.

In a tweet in Urdu, @CaptSpeaking_ wrote tagged Salman Khan’s account, adding: “Bro, you came to Karachi and didn’t even inform [anyone].”

Another tweep, @safeer_manhas, found something dodgy in the way the man can be seen adjusting the parked motorcycles: “Looks like brother is stealing bikes”. He tagged Khan’s account as well.

Pakistan, somehow, has an abundance of Salman Khan lookalikes. One such man – Najeem Khan – who was born in Afghanistan but grew up in Pakistan got a chance to work with Salman Khan in the 2015 hit Bajrangi Bhaijan. He played the younger Pavan Kumar Chaturvedi – the character played by Salman Khan.

The Indian superstar has such an appeal in the country that one lookalike even surrendered himself at a Pakistani police station after Khan was handed a five-year jail sentence in India for a hit-and-run case.