People gather in Cairo’s international airport while waiting to check-in for their flights, as they try to leave Egypt following days of violent anti-government protests in three decades in a bid to topple President Hosni Mubarak's creaking regime. Image Credit: AFP

Islamabad: Pakistan has finalised arrangements to evacuate its nationals from Egypt if the situation there further deteriorated, the Foreign Office here said Monday.

The Pakistan Embassy in Cairo was closely monitoring the evolving situation and on their information an aircraft would be sent to Egypt to evacuate the Pakistani nationals, Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit told the media.

The embassy on Sunday asked for a military C-130 transport aircraft to be on standby for possible evacuation of the nationals.

Basit said there were around 150 Pakistani families in Egypt, most of them living in Cairo and Alexandria. He said these families were in touch with the Pakistan Embassy.

Pakistani Ambassador to Egypt Seema Naqvi told television channels by phone from Cairo by that the embassy had provided to the Foreign Office in Islamabad a list of Pakistani nationals who wish to be evacuated.

In view of the fluid situation in Egypt, the government has advised Pakistanis not to travel to Egypt.