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Dubai: A man was arrested on February 28 after being caught red-handed raping a corpse of a woman in a graveyard in Punjab, Pakistan.

The incident occurred in Okara city in the Punjab province. The accused was identified by his first name, Ashraf.

According to The News, a Pakistan daily, Ashraf belonged to Khanpur city and had been living with his nephew, who was the caretaker for the last few years of the graveyard where the incident occured.

The issue came to light after relatives of those buried at the graveyard noticed that the graves were freshly dug out.

On February 28, villagers caught the necrophiliac red-handed after reportedly seeing him raping a dead woman’s body after digging it out of her grave.

He was handed over to the local police.

According to The News, during questioning, Ashraf confessed to police officers that he had done the same to multiple corpses. He also reportedly said that he would seek out women being buried in the graveyard.

Cases in Pakistan

This is not the first time such an incident has happened in Pakistan. In 2011, news of a man from Karachi named Muhammad Riyaz who raped more than 48 dead bodies of women shocked the country.

The accused was the caretaker of the graveyard in Karachi’s North Nazimabad Town, and responsible for watering the graves. He was caught after residents of the area complained of dug up graves.

In 2013, a 15-year-old girl’s body was found lying outside her grave in Gujranwala, and was reportedly assaulted sexually.