Jibran, Bilal
Jibran (left), Bilal Noorzai (Right) Image Credit: Twitter

The city of Quetta, Pakistan, has seen at least two separate brutal attacks that left two youngsters killed in a matter of a few days and people are taking to social media to express their outrage.

On May 29, a man was lynched to death along with two others sustaining severe injuries in Hazara Town area of the city. They were attacked by an enraged mob comprising of 300 men reportedly.

The reason for the dispute is unclear with some reports stating that it was over money, while social media posts suggest that the men harassed a woman. The posts state that the men who were attacked recorded a video of the woman.

The three attacked by the mob have been identified as Bilal Noorzai, Nayaz and Khalil. Noorzai was killed.

A video allegedly from the site of the incident is doing the rounds on social media. The clip shows police officials at the scene, while others run in panic.

Tweep @imampanezai shared the clip and wrote: “In Hazara Town Quetta, a Hazara mob brutally tortured and killed three youths. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Policemen are equal partners in this murder. The faces of the accused and the policemen can be clearly seen in the video. #JusticeForBilalNoorzai”

However, some news reports suggest that the police officials were there to help the men, who were attacked, to escape.

Many arrested

Soon after, social media users took to their accounts to condemn the incident and people demanded that the authorities catch the perpetrators at the earliest.

The family of the deceased staged a protest in Quetta, demanding justice for their son.

Twitter user @jaffar_bazai shared a video of the demonstration and wrote: “The situation will be getting worst if not addressed properly, the sentiments of protesters was on its peak, government must take their responsibility.”

On May 30 it was reported that at least eleven men were arrested for lynching the man to death on the basis of video footage.

17-year-old stabbed to death

In a separate incident that was brought to light on May 28 by social media users, a teenager named Jibran was killed in Quetta.

It was reported that he was stabbed in the throat and was taken to the hospital but due to a lot of blood loss, he succumbed to his death.

Local news outlets reported that Jibran had gotten involved in a fight against a man who harassed his female friend. However, multiple reasons for the altercation have emerged and no official report has confirmed the details.

A man identified as Hubair Kakar has been named in several social media posts and local news reports as the alleged culprit.

Social media posts claim that Kakar belongs to an influential family and justice is being delayed due to that.

The hashtag #JusticeforJibran trended on twitter.

Tweep @AsmatAgha wrote: “#justiceforjibran My sweet nephew was murdered by Hubair Kakar who belongs to [an] influential family. Jibran is no more with us may his soul RIP but what scares me is that the killer is still roaming like he has done nothing. He should have been behind the bars as soon as possible.”

Spokesperson of the Balochistan Assembly, Liaquat Shahwani has taken notice of the incident and said that the authorities are in the process of catching the culprit.

In a May 29 Twitter post Shahwani, @LiaquatShahwani, wrote: “[…] Justice will be done. Inquiry in progress. Culprits on run. No stone will be left unturned in bringing culprits before the justice.”

Quetta in shock

The residents of Quetta have been left disturbed by the incidents that took place recently.

Tweep @KurdMoinuddin replied to a post with pictures supposedly of Noorzai’s father and wrote: “We live in a city where when you sleep a young boy was killed and when you wake up another gets killed #justiceforjibran #JusticeForBilalNoorzai”

Twitter user @asadloinal wrote: “My heart is crying since yesterday, we were unable to forget tragedy of #justiceforjibran and suddenly #JusticeForBilalNoorzai happened. I don't have words to explain my feelings.”