Pakistan’s Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari’s response to the flood of online comments demanding #JusticeForKinza. Image Credit: Twitter/@mohrpakistan

Dubai: An 11-year-old’s battered and bruised face has shocked Pakistani Twitterati and gotten the attention of Pakistan’s Human Rights Minister as well as the army.

Twitter user @Lanaschild_ posted pictures of the girl’s injured face and wrote: “Please spread word … They have been starving and beating her with wires, belts and ropes for two years. The woman stands on her chest and kicks her repeatedly if she sleeps.”

She went on to share video testimonials from the girl adding: “They starve her and when she takes a biscuit, they beat her. There’s a clot in her eyes because she was beaten with a bat. She can’t move her shoulders properly and her arms are stiff because she says it hurts to move. Please do something about this.”

The tweets by @Lanaschild_ received thousands of retweets with many users tagging Pakistan’s Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari as well as the spokesperson of the Pakistan Armed Forces, Major General Asif Ghafoor.

With several accounts retweeting the girl’s face, #JusticeForKinza soon became one of the top trends on Twitter. Later on Saturday, Mazari responded to the flood of online comments by tweeting: “Already looking into it - read of it this morning. This is absolutely intolerable - we are also in the process of drafting a comprehensive domestic workers protection bill.”

She went on to add that the bill would include banning child labour, adding that a First Information Report [FIR] had been registered and an assistant sub inspector suspended.

Later, an affidavit by the father was shared online as well, in which he claimed that the girl had suffered the injuries due to a fall. However, Mazari commented that this might be due to the family being under pressure. She tweeted: “Unfortunately when the poor parents of young girls like Kinza come under pressure, they give affidavits like the one given by Kinza’s father, stating that she was injured due to falling from the gate of the house. We have to ensure that such tactics do not prevent us from doing an in-depth medical examination and registering an FIR. The professional typing of the affidavit is noted!”

Many Twitter users urged the minister to take swift and strict action to deter others from abusing children.

Twitter user @EkDilha wrote: “Dear Ms Mazari, make this case an example for those who abuse children at home and then get released after signing an affidavit. Don’t take this case lightly. Hundreds of thousands of children are still working in people’s homes. You are a minister of New Pakistan, not the old one. #JusticeForKina”

Another user @WoShakhs tweeted: “The state must step in and reject this affidavit as coerced. Give weight to the victim’s testimony - any doctor with [would] be able to reject the claim that all injuries sustained on different parts of her body could have been the result of one fall!! #JusticeForKinza”

Earlier on Sunday, Rawalpindi Police also tweeted an update on the case, informing people that the girl was now with them, thanking social media users for raising the issue.