Women empowerment seminar
More than 100 women participated in the WiN Pakistan seminar in Islamabad Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Women in Nuclear Pakistan Chapter (WiN-Pakistan) took a significant step towards empowering women in the nuclear field with their recent seminar on “Knowledge Sharing with Women in Nuclear Safety and Security.”

Held on June 13th, 2024 in Islamabad, the day-long event brought together around 100 female officers and a distinguished guest, D. Ansar Parvez, former Chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.

The seminar aimed to create a platform for knowledge exchange and raise awareness about nuclear safety and security. Young women interested in pursuing careers in this critical field gained valuable insights from senior female leaders who shared their experiences during the plenary session.

President Win- Pakistan Chapter, Dr Shazia Fatima highlighted the activities of chapter carried out nationally and internationally. She appreciated the support of Pakistan Nuclear Society, Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority and Pakistan Science Foundation in this regard.

Professional development

The technical session delved deeper into topics like professional development opportunities, fostering gender inclusion within organisations, the crucial role women play in safety assessments, and the future landscape of nuclear safety and security, highlighting the vast opportunities it presents for women.

WiN-Pakistan, a chapter of the global Women in Nuclear (WiN) organisation, actively promotes gender diversity and works towards closing the gap in the nuclear sector. Pakistan’s participation in WiN began in 1992, and the formal establishment of the WiN-Pakistan chapter in July 2023 marked a significant milestone. Within a short span, the chapter has garnered recognition both nationally and internationally.

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Ambitious plans

Looking ahead, WiN-Pakistan has ambitious plans to further its reach and impact. These include:

• Expanding their network to connect with women working in remote areas of the nuclear industry.

• Building stronger relationships with other WiN chapters around the world.

• Organising focused sessions on specific areas within the nuclear field, such as nuclear medicine, operations, and management.

• Launching a mentorship program to provide guidance and support to young women.

• Encouraging broader participation by including staff and non-technical members in the chapter’s initiatives.

This successful seminar underscores WiN-Pakistan’s dedication to empowering women in the nuclear field. Their focus on knowledge sharing, career development, and inclusivity paves the way for a future where women play a leading role in ensuring the safety and security of nuclear technology.