Pakistani security agency has launched crackdown in the country against illegal marriages between Chinese men and Pakistani girls. Photo for illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: At least eight Chinese men have been arrested in Pakistan on charges of trafficking Pakistani girls after illegal marriages.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) busted the racket  following complaints of Chinese involved in illegal marriages after trapping the poor Pakistani girls mainly Christians.

Gulf News broke the story last month about mafias involved in ‘fake’ marriages of Chinese men with Pakistani girls.

The FIA has also claimed to have arrested the Pakistani agents who were involved in facilitating the Chinese in trapping the poor Pakistani girls.

Deputy Director FIA Jamil Ahmad Khan Mayo told Pakistani media that the FIA arrested eight Chinese nationals from Lahore airport and other areas on the charges of trafficking young women to China after marrying them. The arrests, he said, is part of a crackdown against foreigners involved in illegal activities in the country.

Gulf News reported earlier that the Pakistan government has warned people against a mafia involved in ‘fake’ marriages of Chinese men with Pakistani girls.

The Chinese Embassy in Islamabad has issued a statement urging caution against unlawful matchmaking centres involved in these marriages to earn profit.

The illegal matchmaking centres lure poor Pakistani girls, especially Christian girls to marry Chinese men who are either visiting or working in Pakistan.

They produce fake documents of Chinese men showing them either as Christians or Muslims. They then find poor girls mainly from the Christian community to marry them by offering money and promises of ‘good life’. However, many girls reportedly became victims of human trafficking and forced into prostitution.