Girl fights back phone snatchers in viral video
Girl fights back phone snatchers in viral video from Punjab, India Image Credit: Twitter

On August 30, a couple of mobile phone snatchers in the Indian state of Punjab got a surprise of their lives after a 15-year-old girl they attacked turned out to be a Taekwondo practitioner. Now, the video of the teen fighting back has gone viral and earned praise amongst netizens.

The 15-year-old, identified as Kusum Kumari, was returning home from her tuitions classes when she was attacked by two men riding a bike in the city of Jalandhar, Indian media reported.

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Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage, which has now gone viral on social media, shows Kumari dragging one of the men out of the bike despite him holding what seems to be a sharp object.

As seen in the clip, she manages to pull one of them off the bike and soon after bystanders come to help. The crowd of people restrains the man as the other man on the bike flees.

Sharing the clip, tweep @PK_IRS wrote: “More power to such girls! Girl, 15, from Punjab takes on mobile snatcher.”

“I was going home when two bike-borne men attempted to snatch my mobile phone. The accused sitting on the pillion seat grabbed my hand and took my phone,” Kumari told an Indian news outlet.

“However, I resisted and held his hand. Following which I followed them … and grabbed the pillion rider’s t-shirt. He later hit me and attacked my wrist …. But I … dragged him from his bike. A few minutes later passersby rescued me and held the snatcher. I got my phone later,” she was quoted as saying.

“I didn’t feel scared because I know Taekwondo, and have been learning it for three months now,” she added.

Following the incident, the girl was admitted at a private hospital and the accused was handed over to the police, according to Indian news outlets.

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Since being shared online, the video has gone viral and prompted several reactions online, with many appreciating the youngster’s bravery.

Tweep @RandomS52042275 wrote: “So glad to see this. Kudos to this young one. And the fact that bystanders came to help not just watch Tamasha (performance) and take video.”

Twitter user @ramreddysrr posted: “Salute to [the] girl and bystanders too for [their] immediate reaction.”