The cost of one ‘Baahubali Thali’ is estimated at Rs1,800.
The cost of one ‘Bahubali Thali’ is estimated at Rs1,800. Image Credit: YouTube screengrab

Hyderabad, Telangana: A restaurant in Hyderabad has thrown a challenge to foodies in the city — anyone who can finish eating its ‘Baahubali Thali’ within 30 minutes will receive a cash prize of Rs100,000.

The jumbo thali being offered by the ‘Naidu Gari Kunda Biryani’ a popular restaurant chain has over 30 items — both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

“The Bahubali thali which is very famous here, we arrange 35 items in the thali comprising veg and non-Veg starters, non-veg biryani, fried rice and cool drinks. The idea behind this thali is there are few people who like particular items and there are few people who want to taste every item in the restaurant,” said Keerthi, a working partner of the restaurant.

The cost of one thali is estimated at Rs1,800.

While over 3,000 customers have tried the challenge in the newly opened KPHB branch only two of them have won the cash prize of Rs100,000 each.

“The main branch is in Vijaywada and the KPHB branch is very new. The main item we serve here is Pot biryani. We also have Joint biryani and lollipop biryani which is very rare. There are many regular customers here in KPHB branch,” she added.

The restaurant has over 8 outlets in Andhra and the KPHB outlet is the first in Telangana. The next branches are going to be opened in Gachibowli, Madhapur and Dilsukhnagar, the working partner concluded.