COVID-19 surgical mask
Picture for illustrative purposes only Image Credit: Pixabay

On June 22, Mumbai Police used a clip of popular Indian street food best paired with pav or buns, to encourage people to wear masks, and netizens are loving how relatable they are.

Using their official Twitter account, Mumbai Police posted a video of an ‘equation’.

Emphasising the importance of wearing protective gear amidst the coronavirus outbreak, the clip suggested just how Indian delicacies such as Vada, Bhaji, Bhurji and Kheema pair perfectly with Pav (bread rolls), people are also incomplete without facemasks.

The caption had a fitting pun and a hashtag: “Always be pre'pav'ed! #NoMaskaOnlyMask”

Netizens appreciated the police’s creativity and efforts to encourage people to stick to COVID-19 related guidelines to stay safe.

Tweep @DarshanNPopat wrote: “Wow! Creative. #NoMaskaOnlyMask”

Many Twitter users thought that using memes is an effective way by the police being relatable to internet culture while spreading awareness.

User @AnkitaCarvalho tweeted: “Making us aware while making us smile, I will always be pre'pav'ed.”

Tweep @Rohit_Agrahari8 wrote: “Mumbai police should have their own meme page!”

Currently, the Indian state of Maharashtra has had over 132,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, over 65,700 people have recovered from the disease and over 6,100 have died.