Dubai: M.F.Hussain's son Owais Hussain yesterday confirmed that his father has accepted citizenship conferred on him by the Qatari government.

The artist has been living in Dubai since 2007.

The Government of India does not recognise dual citizenship which means Hussain will need to surrender his Indian passport.

"My father has accepted the Qatari citizenship and the process of surrendering the Indian passport will get underway soon," said his son, who is based in Dubai.

The son said the veteran artist is currently in Qatar. "He was living with me in Dubai, but he is now in Qatar. The important thing to note here is that my father did not go seeking Qatari citizenship. It was offered to him, and he accepted it graciously."

In reply to a question on how his father will react to having to surrender his Indian passport, Owais said: "My father is 95 years old and life becomes crystal clear at that age."