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A two-year-old girl died after her father allegedly fed her rat poison in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu on Monday. The incident happened at the Government Rajaji Hospital (GRH) in Madurai district.

According to the Indian media outlets, Aradhana was admitted in the hospital for about one week, and later she died on October 5.

The police are now looking for the accused, reportedly.

Police officials stated that the child’s father, 27-year-old Sathiyaprabu fed her an egg stuffed with rat poison at the instigation of her aunt and uncle, Vasanthi and Karuppaiah. They lived in Namanur in Sivaganga town, which is 48 kilometres from Madurai. Sathiyaprabu suspected his wife, Nivetha of infidelity and believed that Aradhana was not his daughter.

On October 1, Sathiyaprabu took the girl from her mother and fed her an egg.

After eating it, the child started vomiting and immediately the toddler was rushed to the nearby hospital. Her life, however, could not be saved. Nivetha claimed that Vasanthi and Karuppaiah provoked Sathiyaprabu to commit the crime. Police have also released a search warrant for the relatives who helped him to commit the crime.

Local police had registered a case against Sathiyaprabu, Vasanthi, and Karuupaiah under the sections 307 and 109 of the Indian Penal Code. After the girl’s death, another Section 302 (Punishment for murder) was added.