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Chitradurga, Karnataka: In a shocking incident, more than 60 students of a primary school here were admitted to a hospital on Wednesday.

The students complained of stomach ache and vomiting after allegedly consuming a mid-day meal at school.

Parents of the children are demanding that the school administration admit their mistake.

"We are poor people. The school administration and the cooks who prepare the food for children have to take responsibility. Due to God's grace children are fine...If anything will go wrong, who will take responsibility? Totally there were 200 children in school, over 20 children are affected. Everyone had food. Initially, it was said that [a] lizard fell in the food," said the father of one of the victims.

At least 20 students of Ramakrishna Mission School were hospitalised after consuming a mid-day meal here in Tadepalli town. The incident came to light in July this year.

After consuming food, the children allegedly complained of vomiting and lost consciousness, following which they were rushed to a hospital. Rice, dal and curry were served to the students by Akshaya Patra Foundation, which runs a school lunch program across the country.