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Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh: Hardoi police arrested a man for allegedly abducting and killing a minor in order to get the ransom money to marry his girlfriend.

According to Alok Priyadarshi, Superintendent of Police (SP), Hardoi, the accused has been identified as Sunil Kumar Yadav, a resident of Ramnagar village.

"On Thursday, the body of an eight-year-old minor, Priyanshu (who was kidnapped) was recovered from Hardoi district. Later, the accused was also arrested on Thursday. The accused man had kidnapped the minor for ransom as he needed money to marry his girlfriend," said Priyadashi.

"When the child tried to shout, the kidnapper strangled and killed him. The accused was arrested by the police within 24 hours of recovery of the minor's body. Priyanshu was a resident of a neighbouring village, Lalpur," he added.

Reportedly, Priyanshu went missing on Tuesday and on Thursday morning, his body was recovered some distance away from his village, covered with leaves. During the investigation process, the police got to know that Priyanshu was last seen with Yadav.

"Yadav confessed his offence during the interrogation. He further told that he loves a girl who lives in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. He needed some money to marry his lover, hence he abducted Priyanshu and when the minor tried to shout, Yadav strangled him with child's vest. Later he placed his body in a pit and covered it with leaves," said Priyadarshi.