190411 bees pic
For illustrative purposes Image Credit: Reuters

Kurnool: Andhra Pradesh Irrigation Minister Anil Kumar Yadav was attacked by a swarm of honey bees while he was on a visit to a project in Banakacherla village in Kurnool district on Friday.

The minister, who had climbed a ladder, while inspecting the project in Pamulapadu Mandal, was seen waving his hands to get rid of the bees. But the bees kept attacking him, forcing him to hide under a jacket, and then flee from the site.

He was accompanied by MLAs T Arthur, K Rambhoopal Reddy, A Chakrapani Reddy and irrigation officials. The team first visited the water release system for Telugu Ganga and KC Escape canals.

Later they went towards the gates of Galeru Nagari canal. And when they were climbing the ladder the honey bees attacked them.

MLA Arthur, YSSRCP activists, and some reporters were also stung by the bees.

All those who had been stung were taken to the Atmakur hospital for medical aid.