Rooster file photo
A rooster that was being prepared for an upcoming cockfight has killed its handler in India. Image Credit: Pixabay

Hyderabad: Telangana police have said that they will produce in court a rooster that accidentally killed its handler.

According to police the rooster, named Raja, was among many being prepared for cockfighting in Kondapur village three days ago.

Rushed to hospital

As the practice goes, knifes, blades or other sharp edged weapons are tied to the legs of these roosters to harm the rival.

A three-inch knife was tied to the leg of Raja for the fight and it accidentally lashed out and struck 45-year old Tanugula Satish in the groin.

He was rushed to hospital but died due to heavy loss of blood.

After the inquest, the police brought the rooster to the Gollapalli police station, where it was kept and looked after by the police personnel. They also arranged food for it.

Some news channels on Friday reported that the police have 'arrested' the rooster, showing visuals of the bird tied at the police station.

The police, however, denied that the rooster was arrested or under police custody.

Gollapalli SHO B. Jeevan clarified that the bird was neither arrested nor detained. He said the police took the responsibility of protecting the rooster and shifted it to a farm house.