Indian bride
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An Indian bride called off the wedding at the reception because the groom did not match her beauty standards.

The bride found the groom too old and dark-skinned during a wedding ceremony that took place in Sachendi area of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, on November 24, according to an international news website.

Just like in typical Indian tradition, the bride lifted her veil as well as the groom’s sehra (veil) and said that he is too dark-skinned and old.

The issue escalated and police were called to the venue. However, the bride refused to go through with the wedding.

An agreement was later made to return the expenses to the respective families. The groom, originally from Bithoor, was set to get married in Sachendi.

On the early hours of November 24 both sets of families sat in the courtyard of the bride’s house.

The majority of the wedding had been completed when the Indian bride suddenly stopped and decided that she did not want to get married.

Reportedly, many of the family elders tried to convince the bride to get married but she refused.

During the evening of November 24, both sets of families met in an attempt to resolve things but it was unsuccessful.

As a result, both families agreed to return each other’s belongings as well as the expenses that they paid for the wedding.