Kuttiyamma also sings many prayer songs and reads a newspaper every day. Image Credit: Supplied

Kottayam: A 104-year-old woman from Kerala’s Kottayam has become an inspiration for all and proved that age is just a number as she scored 89 marks out of 100 in the Kerala State Literacy Mission’s Test.

The test, also called the Saksharatha test, was organised in the Ayarkunnam Panchayat of Kottayam district.

Kuttiyamma, a resident of Kottayam Thiruvanchoor Ayarkunnam panchayat, had never been to school and attended literacy classes at her home only now and by scoring 89 marks out of 100 and has become eligible to write the class 4 exam. Her husband T.K Konthi had passed away in 2002.

She attended Saksharatha classes and teacher Rehna taught her how to read and write.

“The teacher taught me everything like reading and writing letters in Malayalam,” said Kuttiyamma, speaking to ANI on Monday.

“She can write letters now and is very happy,” says her teacher, Fehra John.

Kuttiyamma also sings many prayer songs and reads a newspaper every day.

The Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority is an autonomous institution under the General Education Department, Government of Kerala.

The programme aims to develop literacy skills through continuing education, provide chances for each and everyone interested in learning, enable the learners to make use of their learning in their daily life and ensure Secondary-level education to the whole of Kerala.

The main beneficiaries of this programme are illiterates, neo-literates, school drop-outs and those interested in lifelong education.