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This is a love gone terribly, terribly wrong.

After about ten years of being married, a woman murdered her husband. Gurugram Police have arrested Anita and her lover, Rajan, over the killing.

Authorities were summoned on Wednesday to sector 9A where the victim and the accused shared a flat. Anita told police that she found her husband, Arvind, dead when she tried to serve him breakfast that day. During questioning however, her story was full of holes. "Anita was arrested on Saturday when she broke down during interrogation and confessed to killing her husband Arvind with the help of her lover Rajan on Wednesday night. Based on her confession, Rajan was arrested from his hideout in Gurugram," said Subhash Bokan, Gurugram Police spokesman.

Arvind’s father said that the couple had married some 10 years ago.

About four years ago, Arvind’s friend Rajan came to visit and started sharing their home and their rent. Later, Rajan and Anita began an illicit relationship.

When Arvind found out about them, he got into a fight with Rajan and threw him out.

Rajan later rented a room nearby. The affair continued.

Arvind and Anita often fought over her relationship with Rajan.

"During interrogation, Rajan said on Tuesday evening, Anita came to meet him following which Arvind also reached his room and had a fight with him," the police spokesman said.

"Later Anita and Rajan planned to kill Arvind. When Arvind was sleeping, Anita allowed Rajan to enter the room and he strangled Arvind with a cloth," he said.