Clockwise from left: Alia Kazim, Anub Zachariah and Pradeep Kunder. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The deadly blasts that rocked Mumbai last Wednesday have gripped many Indian expatriates in the UAE with fear, with many frequently checking on relatives back home.

Those with relatives in India's financial capital said they've asked their families to stay home in the days following the attacks, while others said they were nervous after the attacks in Mumbai.

"I did not know about the attacks until Thursday morning. But as soon as I found out, I called my family and asked them to stay at home for the day, if not longer," Pradeep Kunder, a 28-year-old shift manager in one of the capital's restaurants, told Gulf News. "Even though my parents and siblings live far away from the affected areas, I have been especially afraid because the attacks took place in popular spots during the rush hour, which means that people simply returning home after a day of work could get hurt," Kunder added. "I found out about the attacks from Facebook, and my mother, who has many relatives living in Mumbai, called to check on them. Thankfully, no one was hurt," said Alia Kazim, 27, a Dubai-based Emirati engineer.


"Just like the 2008 attacks on Mumbai, these attacks did nothing, but anger people and hurt innocent civilians. So whoever is behind them would be a common enemy to everyone," she added. Even residents with families living in separate Indian states reported being worried about the blasts. Anub Zachariah, a resident of Abu Dhabi's Western Region, said he had checked with his parents in Kerala soon after hearing about the attacks. "Even though my parents live in a state far from Mumbai, I felt compelled to check that they were fine. They were fine, and they also informed me that none of our friends and relatives in Mumbai were affected," Zackariah said.