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What you need to know:

  • Drunk nurse pulls baby too hard, breaks it into two.
  • Nurse tried to cover-up mistake, sent patient and family to another hospital.
  • Mother is currently fighting for her life.

Dubai: A drunk male nurse at a government health centre in India, pulled at a foetus so hard during delivery that he decapitated the baby, leaving the head in the womb.

The incident took place in Ramgarh Community Health Centre in Rajasthan, India. 

According to a report by Indian newspaper Hindustan Times, “…the baby broke into two parts”, because of the nurse’s carelessness.

With the help of a colleague, the nurse then deposited the lower part of the baby in the hospital’s mortuary and told the family to take the woman to Jaisalmer.

When the family reached Jawahar Hospital, doctors were informed that the health centre had finished the delivery but had only left the placenta in the womb. Dr Ravindra Sankhla, gynecologist at the hospital said he noticed something wrong while trying to take out the placenta, and referred the family to Ummed Hospital in Jodhpur.

After conducting an operation, doctors found the foetus’ head in the womb. According to the report, the mother has been identified as Dikhsha Kanwar is in critical condition.

At the time the incident took place at the Ramgarh health center, the person in charge Dr Nikhil Sharma was not around and the medical staff conducted the delivery without informing him.

Husband Tilok Bhati lodged a complaint against the two nurses alleging that they were drunk during the procedure.

No arrests have been made.

Online users were left disturbed by the incident. Tweep @TomLeng1 posted: "The most horrific part was that they did not arrest the nurse. Just when you thought it was safe to bring your child into this world in the delivery room..."

And @pranavdesai12 tweeted: "What's happening to the human race. #heartbreaking"