Kolkata: After Delhi, Kolkata is now under reeling from an outbreak of dengue as the disease is spreading at an alarming rate.

Over 100 cases were reported last week in the city, as a five-year-old died of the vector-borne disease on Thursday.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has set up as many as 16 health camps to tackle the disease which threatens to be an endemic and is conducting awareness programmes all over Kolkata.

“We have initiated a program to sanitise the city especially in areas where the disease has been reported. Also awareness programmes are being conducted so that people who are suffering from fever under blood test immediately,” said Atin Ghosh Mayor in Council — health KMC.

South Kolkata along with areas near the Kolkata port are the worst affected as more cases are being reported every day.

“We are also running programmes to make people aware that they do not allow mosquitoes to breed. Lack of awareness especially among urban poor is the main killer,” added Ghosh.

Doctors advice people to undergo blood tests immediately as dengue if detected at the early stage can be cured with no side effects. “In most cases people do self treatment and reach the doctor only when the situation goes out of control. It is advised to visit the doctor if you are suffering even from mild fever or other symptoms like nausea, headache and vomiting,” said Dr Sovan Deb.

Delhi was the worst affected by the virus this year. At least 27 people have died because of the disease. Experts say that with the recent rainfall all over the country, the toll will only rise.

“People should take precaution measures where they do not allow mosquitoes to breed in and around the area. Especially terrace gardens and potted plants pose the biggest threats,” a health officer at KMC said.