Laddoos (a popular sweet during celebrations) being prepared at a sweet-shop Image Credit: PTI

New Delhi: Bursting firecrackers might have taken a back seat this Diwali, but people have come up with unique options to hog on to delectable patakas and phuljhadi's which are selling like hot cakes in the market. Yes, you read it right - people are now eating crackers instead of burning them!

Well, the thought of it might sound bizarre but going by the trend, a large number of sweet shop owners and bakers have come up unique sweets - shaped and packaged like crackers.

"Chocolate crackers are fascinating, as up till now crackers were thought to be meant for bursting and never considered to be an entity which is edible," said Arpit Chawla who co-founded a sweet brand with Anchal Sharma.

People are showing extensive interest in edible crackers and the demand is very high, added Arpit.

Merging perfect traditional sweets with the exotic contemporary version is Subha Aggarwal, owner of a mithai store in Delhi, who has come up with a unique idea of recreating the old traditional sweets with a tinge of modernity.

Subha named the usual laddoos and barfis in a quirky manner to attract attention. "Keeping the culture intact, we have developed some luxurious gifting sweets and hampers like Mojito Ladoos, Bubblegum Barfi, Lavender Ladoos, Champagne Ladoos, Old Monk Halwa, Cheesecake Barfi and many which are something people have not heard about and trust me it's just selling like anything."

Getting more variety for your the taste buds is Jasjeev Kohli, a bakery owner in Lucknow, who has been flooded with orders demanding special chocolate sweets amalgamated well with traditional ones.

"People are really bored of eating those prominent sweets and with passing time, they want variety in taste. And with health being a great factor, they are saying no to high-calorie ladoos," said Kohli.

"So this year we decided to cash in on the trend by preparing delectable chocolate sweets which satisfy the sweet cravings but are not heavy on calories. The most loved ones are Mango Cups prepared with mango sauce and marzipan wrapped together in a milk chocolate cup."

Adding, Kohli said, "Not just this we have also prepared assorted sweets keeping the children in mind who wait the entire year for the festive season where they get to savour some mind-boggling dishes like Pista Truffle, Almond Rock, Triple Chocolate disk and a lot more which will quench their thirst for the sweet."