Maharashtra couple
Couple gets wedding celebration from police in India Image Credit: Instagram

A video from India's Maharashtra showing a group of policemen in Nashik city giving a heart-warming reception to a newlywed couple who got married at home is being shared online.

In the nearly two-minute clip, shared on Instagram, a policeman who is surrounded by several other cops, can be seen congratulating the newlyweds on a loudspeaker. Dressed in traditional wedding attire, the couple is standing in the balcony of their house looking down at the celebration.

The policemen then play a song from a Bollywood movie as the group of cops clap for the duo.

Some people in the neighbourhood are seen recording videos on their mobile phones and some looking at the celebration from their balconies.

"Congratulating the couple who got ‘married at home’ in Nashik Police Style!" the post shared on Instagram by the Office of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, cmomaharashtra_, reads.

"A couple decided to get married at home, without violating any lockdown rules, so the @nashikpolice had their own way to celebrate and congratulate the newlyweds," it further reads.

Social media users congratulated the couple and appreciated the gesture by the police.

Instagram user @kulkarnipranav22 wrote: "Kudos to Nashik police."

User @rajkundaljaya commented: "Congratulations!"

Maharashtra has recorded the highest number of cases in India with over 12,000 COVID-19 patients and 521 deaths.

The Indian government has put restrictions on the number of people who can attend weddings and funerals to ensure there is no crowding and that social distancing is maintained. People in India are under a nationwide lockdown until May 18.