Thiruvananthapuram: As former Kerala forest minister K.B. Ganesh Kumar and his wife Yamini Thankachy work out a compromise after both levelled allegations of abuse against each other, another high-profile abuse case has surfaced in the southern Indian state.

The Kochi police have registered a case against some naval officers after a lieutenant’s wife complained that she had been sexually abused by senior officers at the behest of her husband. The navy man is attached to the Southern Naval Command.

Naval authorities flatly denied the allegation, saying it was a case of “marital discord”, but the matter is unlikely to end there. Legal proceedings have commenced following the woman’s complaint that her husband “presented” her to some officers to enhance his chances for a promotion and perks.

The matter hit the local headlines after the woman made wide-ranging allegations against her husband in an interview to a local television channel. The woman, who was married in 2011, also claimed that she was getting death threats. She has also named her in-laws in her complaint.

Meanwhile, in the Kumar-Thankachy spat, a compromise was reached after Kumar publicly apologised to his wife and paid compensation. Part of the compromise formula included a two-storeyed house for the wife in the capital city along with land, and Rs7.5 million in cash. Kumar had resigned from the cabinet after Thankachy went public with her allegations. Kumar’s Kerala Congress (B) party is now without a minister in the United Democratic Front coalition.