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Image Credit: Mumbai Police

Dubai: While monsoon wreaks havoc in Mumbai, a 70-year-old man was killed in Mumbai’s Chembur area on August 8, during a fight over honking.

According to a report by Indian broadcast channel NDTV, Deepak Chawariya, 28, and his brother Manoj, 32, were riding on a motorcycle to work, when they were allegedly abused by two individuals, identified as Sandeep Parcha, 28, and his father, Palsingh, 70, for honking.

According to the police, the incident took place in Tilak Nagar in the afternoon.

When Deepak and Manoj confronted the individuals accused, a heated argument began.

Deepak and Manoj’s father Manohar, also 70 years of age, came out of their nearby residence to intervene, after hearing the commotion.

Sandeep Parcha allegedly attacked him with a knife and Manohar sustained severe injuries. According to the police, he died at a hospital.

Deepak and Manoj’s sister, Pooja, was also present at the scene and the three siblings sustained injuries during the attack.

No arrests have been made. The police are currently investigating the matter and a probe was being conducted.

Monsoon season

The monsoon in India have disrupted everyday life over the last few weeks and many locals in the city of Mumbai are facing major traffic jams and delays because of waterlogging and rains.

According to a report by Indian broadcast channel India Today’s online website, as of August 7, Indian states of Mumbai, Gujarat, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh have witnessed heavy rains, which has led to a loss of life and property.

The report stated that the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis asked officials to provide “speedy relief” to those affected. Many trains have been cancelled and flights to and from these Indian states have been facing severe delays.

Online reactions

Social media users urged people to be safe on the roads and requested the government to take collective steps to ease the stress on residents during the monsoon season, which is an annual occurrence.

Tweep @dodiyeah posted: “I stopped commuting on my scooter because it's unsafe during the monsoons. I take an auto these days. I feel even more unsafe. The kind of close cuts and crosses some of my auto drivers have made; there was no margin of error. It was an error. Miracles have saved us. #Mumbai.”

Twitter user @AsmatNasir1 posted: "…and what happens in Bihar and Mumbai? [The government] knows monsoons normally arrive every year. They need to take measures to be prepared. Do you know how many people don’t have houses already?”

Tweep @gdalmiathinks posted: “…. Bad monsoons or bad urban planning?”

And @Samita09122 posted: “Severe flooding in Sangli, Pune, Kolhapur… This after bad two weeks for Mumbai, Nasik, Thane... This year Monsoons have been lethal for the people of Maharashtra #maharashtrafloods.”

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