Deliveryman in China
Deliveryman in China surprised on birthday Image Credit: Twitter

A deliveryman in China's Wuhan was left in tears after he received a surprised from a customer, who ordered him a slice of cake on his birthday, on April 15. The video of the "touching" gesture has gone viral on Twitter, with many people praising the role that deliverymen played during the pandemic, and the thoughtful gesture of the customer.

The clip comes from the epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic, where essential workers like food delivery executives started working since the lockdown restrictions were eased, late March.

According to China Daily, an English-language newspaper based in China, the customer decided to thank the food deliveryman by placing an order for a cake with his name on it.

On April 15, the day of his birthday, the delivery man picked up a cake at a bakery and found a note with it that said: "The cake is a gift for the delivery person. Life is not easy, please take good care of yourself!"

The video shows that the deliveryman first asks if the cake was really for him.

The clip was shared online by Chinese newspaper People's Daily with the caption: “Thank you for bringing us food during the #lockdown! A delivery guy in #Wuhan received a special birthday cake from his customers, a gesture to thank him for the services he provided for the city during lockdown.”

The video shows the man walking out of the store, seating himself on the stairs outside, blowing out the candles and taking a bite.

Social media users reacted to the heartwarming gesture.

Tweep @onglay77 wrote: “Happy Birthday bro, You did something very proud to yourself. That [is] why you deserve this cake and wishes. Wish[es] from Malaysia. Wishing you all the best.”

Tweep @AnilNay68055315 wrote: “Still now humanity is alive in this earth. This is an example.”