Dubai: Cubans in the UAE say they are apprehensive about Fidel Castro's handover of power to his brother for the duration of his hospitalisation.

Cubans interviewed by Gulf News all wanted to remain anonymous so names have been changed.

Alicia Hernandez, 27, a hairdresser, said she thinks Defence Minister Raul Castro's rise to power will be temporary.

"Raul will take over when Castro dies anyway. Whether he is successful remains to be seen. Cuba has the backing of Venezuela so it is doubtful if anything will change with Raul," said Hernandez.

She added that most people living in Cuba have only ever known Fidel's government.

"They really have no idea what another government could be like, they were born under this government and we don't know if there is a possibility that the government could change," she said.

Laura Bastillo, 21, who works in a cigar shop, said that it was bad news when she heard that Fidel Castro had been hospitalised.

"But I think it is good that his brother is in control now. Raul is a very intelligent man and he wants the same as his brother. I guess that he will only be there temporarily, he won't take over for good," said Bastillo.