A screengrab of the gas tanker blast in South Africa.
A screengrab of the gas tanker blast reported in South Africa. Image Credit: Twitter | @Arrive Alive | @TheInsiderPaper

Multiple people were reportedly killed and many were injured following a gas tanker explosion in Boksburg, South Africa.

A video shared on social media shows the massive blast has severely damaged a nearly hospital due to the intensity of explosion.

Local media reported at least 10 people were killed in the blast. Authorities are investigating what caused the explosion.

Reuters reported a lower death toll of 8. The gas tanker apparently stuck under a bridge leaving a trail of death and scores of injuries and damaging nearby buildings, emergency services said.

The blast broke the roof of the emergency department at the Tambo Memorial hospital, destroyed two houses and several cars, and injured bystanders.

The vehicle caught fire while under a low bridge, but emergency services spokesperson William Ntladi said investigations were ongoing.

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(With inputs from Reuters)