The international World Wildlife Fund hopes to raise over Dh500,000 for conservation in the UAE through a new greeting card catalogue. The brochure, which will advertise greeting cards bearing striking images of the Middle East, will be sent to 10,000 companies and agencies.

Each card will cost Dh3 and the World Wildlife Fund hopes to double its sales from last year's 124,000 cards.
Frederic Launey, acting director of WWF in the UAE, said, "This year we hope to sell more than 200,000 cards, raising over Dh600,000, with additional donations from organisations here.
"This initiative is really important to us. Many people see the UAE as a desert country with empty, lifeless tracts stretching to the horizon.

"Nothing can be further from the truth. The desert itself buzzes with life, but it is a fragile existence with delicate ecosystems that are easily destroyed. It is vital that we continue our work with the conservation authorities in the UAE to protect them for future generations."