UAE Flag
UAE Flag is hoisted half mast on the occasion of the Commemoration Day at the Sharjah Flag Island. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News

Dubai: Thursday, November 3 is UAE Flag Day.

The UAE flag was raised on December 2, 1971, for the first time by Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan to mark the country’s union. The flag consists of four colours — green, white, black and red — which together represent the unity of Arabs.

The flag was designed by a young Emirati, Abdullah Mohammad Al Maainah, after seeing an advertisement about a competition for designing it. He later went on to become the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

What do the colours mean?


Red represents hardiness, bravery, strength and courage. The vertical red band can also be interpreted as binding all the other meanings together in unity.


Green represents hope, joy, optimism and love. It can also symbolise the country’s prosperity.


White represents peace and honesty. White is the purest colour, and is interpreted by some to symbolise cleanliness.


Contrary to popular belief, the black band does not represent oil. It stands for the defeat of enemies, and also strength of mind.


On this day, Emiratis across the UAE will sing the country’s national anthem. The lyrics of which are these: 

The National Anthem of the UAE

Live my country, the unity of our Emirates lives

You have lived for a nation

Whose religion is Islam and guide is the Quran

I made you stronger in God's name oh homeland

My country, My country, My country, My country

God has protected you from the evils of the time

We have sworn to build and work

Work sincerely, work sincerely

As long as we live, we'll be sincere sincere

The safety has lasted and the flag has lived oh our Emirates

The symbol of Arabism

We all sacrifice for you, we supply you with our blood

We sacrifice for you with our souls oh homeland