Rain in Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Gulf News archives

It's raining in parts of the UAE. The National Center of Meteorology, on Friday evening, shared videos  of rains in parts of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

According to the NCM, heavy to moderate rainfall was reported in and around Al Dhafrah in Abu Dhabi, and light rain over Al Awaid in Sharjah.

The NCM issued a yellow and orange weather alert for convective clouds. According to the NCM, convective clouds were monitored over parts of Abu Dhabi by late afternoon. The weather bureau told Gulf News that cloud seeding operations are usually conducted in such weather conditions, to enhance rainfall in the region.

The maximum temperature in the country was recorded at 46.7°C in Saih Al Salem (Dubai) at 1:45pm. 

Relative humidity across the country will increase by tonight, hitting 95 per cent in coastal areas. And, rainy and cloudy weather is expected to continue till 11:30pm tonight in internal parts of Abu Dhabi.