Sunday floods in Al Ain
Al Ain Municipality warned residents not to visit flooded valleys after heavy rain lashed across the UAE during the early hours of Sunday morning. Image Credit: Instagram/ Courtesy: @ajwamood

Dubai: Al Ain Municipality issued a weather warning on Sunday, urging residents not to visit wadis and valleys that witnessed heavy flooding after the morning’s rain.

The municipality also cautioned residents not to leave their homes unless it is necessary, and to contact their call centre on 993 to report any damages in their homes or on streets, such as flooded streets or any other rain-related incidents.

Across UAE social networking sites, residents posted videos of Sunday morning’s flooding, which especially affected areas near the Buraimi border, such as Al Saa’ and Umm Ghafa.

According to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), rainy conditions are expected to continue throughout the week, getting more stable as the weekend approaches.

One social media user posted a video of a 4x4 trying to cross a flooded wadi in Al Ain.

A number of valleys in Al Ain were also flooded in the morning.