20210322 dust storm
Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

A dust storm hit parts of Abu Dhabi and Dubai on Saturday afternoon reducing visibility on roads.

According to a weather warning from The National Center of Meteorology, fresh Westerly to Northwesterly winds at a speed reaching 40 km/h were blowing dust and sand across the two emirates.

"Blowing dust reducing the horizontal visibility at times over some exposed areas, from 3:40pm to 8pm, Saturday," the NCM warned. The NCM also shared a map of the areas that were affected.

Suspended dust and poor visibility was reported in Al Sila, Al Ruwais, Al Reef and on Al Faya road in Abu Dhabi. Residents in western coastal areas of Dubai also reported dusty weather.

It's best to avoid beach trips in the evening as the sea will be moderately turbulent, becoming rough by evening Westward in the Arabian Gulf and slightly turbulent in the Oman Sea.

Maximum temperatures across the country will hit close to 42°C, and relative humidity is expected to rise to a maximum of 90 per cent in coastal areas by night and Sunday morning. This will cause a probability of mist formation over some Eastern internal and Northern coastal areas.