Cooking healthy meals is a great way to spend time Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: As the UAE community continues to stay indoors, many are utilising their time at home to explore new activities to make productive use of their free time.

Andrea Karidis, a Dubai-based chef, along with her little daughter, demonstrates a simple healthy Greek dish that can be tailored to children and adults alike. “You can enjoy this Greek recipe with your family, and even your baby,” she says.

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The Greek Canadian has been living in Dubai for over nine years and has a lot of experience at 5-star hotels and restaurants. She is also the host of a local cooking show “What’s Cooking UAE”.

While gyms in the UAE are now closed for the safety of the community, there are many ways to stay active and productive at home.

Saif Al Yasi is a certified fitness trainer in the UAE where he’s lived for 15 years. The father of four has a background in biotechnology and a masters from the International Federation of Body Building.

“I’m going to show you a quick workout that you can try at home. We’re going to do five quick bodyweight workouts,” he says and demonstrates each workout with simple instructions.

Keeping the mind stimulated and creative is a great way to spend time productively at home.

Sarah Al Nuaimi is an Ajman-based artist who likes to experiment with acrylics, spray paint and resin.

The 25-year-old is a graduate of Industrial Engineering. She demonstrates three simple yet unique acrylic pours that are fun to explore for those who like to get creative and messy.