Phone scam
Dubai Police has warned the public of latest phone scams carried out to embezzle money. Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Dubai Police has warned the public of latest phone scams carried out to embezzle money in a new awareness video clip.

Dubai Police and Emirates NBD posted the new clip of a man called James Jefferson to raise the awareness among public on how scammers can work during COVID-19 pandemic to get their personal details and withdraw money from their accounts, luring people to donate for fake charity events or even vaccine registration links.

“The start of the pandemic was a dark time for the world, but one man saw a golden opportunity to expand his business and increase his earnings. His name is James Jefferson, this is his story,” Emirates NBD tweet said.

The tweet was shared by Dubai Police on Sunday to send a clear message for people not to fall prey for such scams.

It showed Jefferson posing in different characters like bank representative, immigration official and even as a police officer, asking victims for personal details and passcodes to update their bank account or to renew their visa.

He is seen filming how fraudsters con victims by gaining their trust especially during crises like COVID-19 pandemic. “Don’t make fraudster’s job easy. Don’t share your password or CVV. Don’t donate money without verification. Don’t trust unverified vaccine registration links,” the video said.

The Dubai Police’s warnings of such frauds have come as a part of an awareness campaign that was launched to prevent the occurring of ongoing phone scams. Earlier, police officials revealed that in 2020, around 400 reports were filed by victims of phone scams, which lead to the arrest of 86 suspects and the blocking of 8,000 numbers used to carry out the scams.

Dubai Police urged individuals to confirm with their banks as soon as they suspect being victims of phone scams, in order to prevent the illegal withdrawal of their money.