Dubai: Asthmatics who use an inhaler are ending the fast according to a Ramadan series of fatwas issued by the Dubai Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD).

The fatwa states that because the solution reaches the throat and eventually reach the stomach, it therefore ends the fast.

The list has been released to help Muslims clarify any concerns about fasting.

If the person fasting has to use an inhaler as a matter of life or death, he or she must make up for each broken day after Ramadan. But chronic suffers who must use an inhaler daily should refrain from eating and drinking to show respect for the month and go on taking the medicine. They must then offer ‘fedaya', an amount of either money or food for each day they failed to fast.


There are many kinds of medication for asthma, the most widely used of which is an inhaler containing oxygen, vapours and capsules.

The puffer uses a compressed gas which acts to expand the lungs of the patient. It in no way resembles food or drink.