Sharjah Municipality has warned it will impose fines of up to Dh2,000 on those found littering Al Hamriya beach.

An official source said after finishing the week-long extensive cleanliness campaign, starting on July 7 at Al Hamriya beach, the municipality will keep a close eye on the beach to prevent 'irresponsible' practices.

According to the municipality's cleanliness rules those who dump waste, burnt coils, leave garbage at the creek or throw it in sea will be fined heavily, he noted.

Those who throw garbage in unspecified areas and not inside the skips, misuse them or destroy them will be subject to a fine of Dh100.

The issue of pollution at the Al Hamriya beach was discussed by the Sharjah Executive Council which has directed the campaign be carried out, he said.

"The beach is badly polluted because people leave behind waste or cast them into the sea. Piles of wood, plastic materials, stones, barrels, and tyres are dumped there," he said.

The municipality has received a positive response from the government and private establishments as well as non-profitable organisations to take part in the campaign.

"Nine public and private establishments, welfare societies, and summer centres for students will clean up the beach along with the municipality's staff. Awards will be given to those who collect the largest quantities of waste," he said.

The campaign will cover three kilometres of the beach towards Umm Al Quwain and the several departments including the Technical Affairs, Adminis-trative Affairs, Security, Public Health and Environment Protection, Hard Wastes and Public Relations will participate in the drive, he noted.

The municipality will carry out an awareness campaign to educate public about the importance of maintaining the environment and preserving marine reso-urces.

Twenty large garbage skips will be placed on the beach.

Boards carrying messages in Arabic, English and Urdu, and placed strategically, will also serve as a constant reminder to the public to keep the beaches clean.