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Retailers have earmarked special spaces to display and sell UAE National Day memorabilia. Image Credit: Anjana Kumar/Gulf News

Dubai: UAE National Day memorabilia are making brisk sales across retail stores in the UAE ahead of December 2, with dedicated spaces being earmarked for their display.

A range of items adorned in UAE flag colours have been stocked up at the stores. They include everything from miniature flags, party hats and cutlery to cushions, children and women’s wear - all being picked up those looking to celebrate National Day.

Noura Alshaar and Sally Lilly from Charme Day Surgery Centre for instance were looking at decorative pieces in UAE flag colours to adorn their clinic. “The UAE National Day is always special. We want our customers to feel the vibes of UAE National Day when they visit the clinic. This is why we are here to pick up some items,” said Alshaar.

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Dresses in UAE Flag colours are in high demand this year, say retailers. Image Credit: Anjana Kumar/Gulf News

“Look at this little bag in UAE flag colours. It is so pretty,” said Lilly.

Wednesday of Al Kabayel, a retail store selling special gift items, said : “We have plenty of UAE National Day-themed items for sale on display. They are fast moving as people have been purchasing so many things for National Day. Some are looking to gift their friends and family. Others are decorating their homes and offices.

“Price vary. A soft pillow we have that is in the shape of a UAE National Flag with its colours is very popular and is selling for Dh15. A flower bunch is for Dh5. A walking stick in flag colours is priced at Dh9, a cap Dh6.99, an army dresses for Dh65 and a frock Dh79.”

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Many residents are picking up decorative items in UAE Flag colours to adorn their homes and offices. Image Credit: Anjana Kumar/Gulf News

V. Nandakumar, Head of Marketing, Lulu Group, said: “All our Hypermarkets are fully stocked with National Day memorabilia such as flags, badges, wrist bands, special T-Shirts, children’s wear and more. The demand has been tremendous for everything. After the two-year COVID-19-related restrictions, everyone is looking forward to celebrating the UAE National Day like they did previously did - with greater enthusiasm.”

Denise Salem, a customer service representative at Gate Warehouse, said, “The demand has been high for National Day memorabilia. This year we have some very unique pieces. We got some very pretty National Day clothes for girls and women. They are styled so differentLy.”

Rajesh Singh was at another store which was selling flag-coloured clothes. “I am here to pick up clothes for my daughter who is five years old. They all look so pretty.

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Customers looking for clothes in UAE Flag colours at a shop in Dubai. Image Credit: Anjana Kumar/Gulf News