Abu Dhabi: The Foreign Ministry issued the following statement on Thursday:
The Israeli unilateral announcement of a temporary freeze on construction of some colonies in some areas of the occupied West Bank for 10 months is a pretentious move that is aimed to perpetuate an Israeli stance, which is vehemently rejected by the international community, as shown by the resolutions of international legitimacy and the Quartet.

Since 1967, the United Nation's resolutions have been rejecting colonies in all Palestinian territories and the Israeli attempts to annex Jerusalem. These resolutions consider all (Israeli) decisions on this regard as invalid, illegal and illegitimate.
The Israeli announcement is just an attempt to throw sand in the world's eyes as it acknowledge the ongoing colonies activities in the occupied Jerusalem and other areas, as well as the continuous infrastructure expansion in the existing colonies.

We reiterate our strong rejection of all colonies in the occupied Palestinian territories, especially in the occupied Jerusalem.