Fence installs at Al Hafiya Reserve 331-1646025534625
Key officials at the Al Hafiya Reserve in Kalba. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The Department of Public Works in Sharjah has installed a 3.5km metal fence around Al Hafiya Reserve in Kalba in line with the general objective to preserve wildlife.

Mohammad bin Yarouf, Director of Branches Department, said the installation followed a request by the Environment and Protected Areas Authority, in order to protect wildlife and in preparation for the release of endangered Arabian Oryx into their natural habitat.

Arabian Oryx live in a variety of desert habitats including stony plains, wadis and sand dunes.

The director said the reserve is surrounded by mountainous and trees that spread among the gravel plains.

The reserve extends from Wadi Al Hilu to the sea towards Khor Kalba overlooking the coast of Oman. It is a natural area that includes Sidr trees that were planted in Wadi Al Hilu.