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As technology advances to map health risks from birth onwards, we could lead longer and healthier lives, says Pure Health group CEO Farhan Malik. Graphic for illustrative use only. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Abu Dhabi: An Abu Dhabi medical group has launched a vision to help every resident live till the age of 101 years with the use of the advanced health and wellness technologies and research.

Pure Health unveiled its plans to develop the UAE capital into a destination that everyone flocks to for a better, healthier life, with health technologies used to map health risks from birth onwards. In doing so, Abu Dhabi will able to “unlock time” and ensure “longevity”, its group CEO Farhan Malik announced on Tuesday at a glittering event in the capital.

“Life expectancy has already increased [in developed countries] like the United Kingdom from 42 years to 76 years, based on United Nations data. And [this has happened] through the betterment of public health, access to health care, and social economic betterment. As the world [progresses], you start having extended lifespan anyway,” Malik told Gulf News.

Malik said the goal was “to extend life from an average of 76 years to 101 years”.

“At the moment, the last 10-15 years of a person’s life suffers from diminished quality due to diseases. What is the quality of their lives in those last few years? What we want to do in those last few years is improve the quality, and further extend it so that people can keep [contributing to society]. And if you keep extending people’s health, you can have a more productive economy as well,” he added.

Early interventions

Pure Health traced how a person’s life can be made fuller and healthier in Abu Dhabi by resolving health risks from a young age through the use of a ‘digital twin’, a digital version of every individual that shows conditions as they develop. Healthcare professionals can also use the twin to measure the impact of health interventions, demonstrated Shaista Asif, Pure Health’s chief operating officer. The availability of the latest health care technologies can also help to ‘bioprint’ a heart when the individual develops heart failure, and a connected life coach can recommend when an individual needs mental health interventions.

“The best thing about the UAE is that the leadership is focused on the betterment of the people in the long term, and the country is also tech-enabled. We can therefore make decisions today to [ensure long-term] journeys,” Malik said.

He confirmed that Pure Health is a “public health provider”, so its advancements will reach out to everyone in Abu Dhabi.

The company is one the largest health care provider in the UAE, having merged with the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha), and the National Health Insurance Company (Daman). Additionally, providers Tamouh Healthcare, Yas Clinic Group and the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Centre are also a part of Pure Health. Abu Dhabi-based holding company ADQ is the largest shareholder, with other shareholders like Alpha Dhabi Holding, International holding Company, AH Capital, and Ataa Financial Investments.