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Dubai: Emirates Islamic Bank has resolved the complaint of a Filipina expat who claimed that the security cheque she gave as a guarantee for a loan three years ago was stolen and encashed by a third party.

Shortly after Gulf News highlighted the plight of Anna Millena Mirandilla, Emirates Islamic Bank launched a probe into the matter and refunded the money (Dh12,081) to the Dubai-based woman.

“Following Ms. Mirandilla’s complaint, we have concluded a comprehensive internal investigation which has clarified several aspects of this case. The security cheque of her personal finance is still with Emirates Islamic and was not credited nor misused by any staff,” a spokesperson for Emirates Islamic Bank said in an email statement to Gulf News.

“The funds related to the disputed cheque were credited in another bank, in an account of an alleged fraudster known to Dubai Police and who never had any relationship with Emirates Islamic. While Ms. Mirandilla did not provide any evidence to prove that the disputed cheque was handed over to an Emirates Islamic staff member, the bank helped the customer in recovering her funds from the other bank.

"Thanks to these efforts, we are pleased to report that Emirates Islamic was able to successfully have the funds returned to Ms. Mirandilla.

"She was extremely grateful for our support and assistance in successfully resolving her case and returning the disputed funds to her,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that Emirates Islamic was committed to secure banking and cases such as Ms. Mirandilla’s are thoroughly investigated by the bank in cooperation with the law-enforcement authorities to ensure the safety and security of our customers.

Mirandilla said she was relieved to get her money back.

“I am thankful to Gulf News for highlighting my issue and to Emirates Islamic Bank for resolving it so quickly,” she said.