191030 al ain car
Image Credit: Instagram/ Courtesy: Abu Dhabi Judicial Department

Dubai: The Al Ain Traffic Court on Wednesday sentenced a GCC man to three months in jail and a Dh40,000 fine for driving recklessly and performing donuts on a public road.

Car donuts are stunts carried out while driving. Performing the donut manoeuvre can be hazardous to the driver, as well as to other road users, and occurs when a strain is placed on the vehicle's suspension.

The Al Ain Court charged the motorist with driving recklessly and breaking traffic rules, in addition to posing as a threat to other motorists and pedestrians. The defendant was also charged with damaging public property, as the road was owned by Al Ain Municipality, and for driving without a plate number.

The court ordered the motorist’s driving licence be suspended for three months and the confiscation of the vehicle.

Al Ain Road damaged by reckless driver
The Al Ain Road damaged by the reckless driver. Image Credit: Supplied

The video initially circulated on social media, which showed the motorist driving in a reckless manner in front of pedestrians and other vehicles.

The Al Ain Traffic Prosecutor explained that following the video clip going viral on UAE social networking sites, the competent authorities launched an investigation into the incident and discovered that the driver’s vehicle did not have a license plate. According to court documents, the vehicle was registered under the name of another.

In a statement, Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution called on the youth to behave responsibly when using the road and not to endanger their lives, or the lives of others.

“The majority of those convicted on charges of driving recklessly and endangering other road users are people between the ages of 18 and 30. To prevent such traffic crimes, we need the cooperation of educational institutes, the community and the media, in addition to judicial institutions, to spread awareness against these types of reckless behaviour.”